Welcome to The Sweet Society

Helping you find that homeschool sweet spot!

Never doubt the possibilities of your home education adventure! 

We believe that a 'do it yourself homeschool' is where the sweetness is found!

🌸What Our Members Are Saying🌸

We bring together eclectic home educators like you to provide you with resources and community support so that together we can calm the chaos and homeschool effectively, on our own terms.

Trying To Do It Alone Is Insane

Succeeding in a DIY Homeschool means that you need to wear a lot of different hats. Some you will love and others will leave you scratching your head and asking why? We google until we can google no more, seeking answers and trying to figure out how to get it all 'just right'!

No More! You do not need to do this on your own.

We're building our very own society. Where relationships will be created and deepened. To share stories, experiences, and guidance. To work together in a supportive, uplifting fashion. 

What's Provided

We provide safe, supportive, and creative online learning spaces along with networking, camaraderie, and community support.

The Sweet Society functions a bit like a FB group on steroids and the best part is there are no external ads & no negativity!

Together, we can create a seriously sweet homeschool experience!

What's Included

🌸World-class dedicated community platform

🌸Private app to stay connected on the go

🌸A vibrant, active, supportive community

🌸Videos & Articles to assist & support your journey

🌸Weekly  inspiration by sharing resources, experiences & tips

🌸Educational resource reviews

🌸 A selection of Free Printable Activity pages to download

Upgrade Your Membership

🌸 Upgrade your free Sweet Society Membership to include access to our printable resources area.

🌸 Access 1200+ pages of printable educational and fun activity pages

🌸 Resources are grouped into easy-to-find age/grade and subject groupings

🌸 Access includes unlimited downloads for use within your personal homeschool

🌸 New resources are added every single month

🌸 Resources include 70+ page discovery journals, worksheets, activity pages, and more

🌸More Of What Our Members Are Saying 🌸

We are only just beginning, there is so much sweetness to come! Join us today. 

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